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Art Gallery

Park Neung Saeng, “Travelling Through Seasons”

Exhibition 28th July to 4th August 2018



The theme of Parks works is the urban landscape and the natural landscape that we commonly come across in everyday life. The main subject matters include mechanised human beings, concentrated space, the ruined nature and city that are under redevelopment, human exclusion, the scenes of life related to the modern civilisation, the forest of massive steel-framed buildings, the river cutting across the urban centre and so on.

The city is a scene where we encounter in everyday life the movement to spread an autonomous and independent viewpoint in terms of the continuous experience and expression of the reality we live in.

The mind that is conscious of the harmony and order of human beings and nature is inherent within the city, and he attempts to reveal such harmony and order, the ultimate meaning of formation.
More specifically, Park looks at the urban scenes throughout our everyday lives with his own novel viewpoint and feelings, there is a need to look at them with more serious attention whether figuratively or abstractly. This need is made acute because of social interrelatedness or cultural compatibility that makes it impossible to proceed while denying the relation with such urban environment and external world, whether figuratively or abstractly.
By hiking & walking the landscapes of his contemporary scenes, the complex and detailed changes are sieved through sketching, the appropriate artwork for an ideal city can be attained.

The drawings and paintings are taken from viewpoints that allow seeing from a distance, i.e. the top of a building or a peak of a high mountain, large combined spaces dependent on scale. In painting, space is a method to express one’s own ideology or emotions through the composition of the picture. Hence composition is always newly developed without specific rules and new compositions should always be generated in drawings of a new era.


My artwork is based on traditional Korean Art techniques and methods, the paintings themselves drawn on Korean Traditional Paper. Using traditional ink I draw many Korean landscapes from places which I have visited and considered. I would like to present to you my work.
From a young age, my grandmother and grandfather used to draw with traditional brushes in calligraphy, writing traditional Korean words and this let me understand the process and I became very familiar with the materials that I use. I started by drawing natural scenery and then moved onto scenes from cities.
The scenes that I have used are ones in which I have either lived or have been brought up in. Many have been from my travels, climbing mountains, hiking through the mountainous Korean countryside. Places where the wind blows with fresh air inspired me.
Through the use of traditional materials I translate the scenes that I have chosen, respecting the materials and drawing techniques, but also providing justification for nature of contemporary cities.

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