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Art Gallery

Jessica Rimondi “Catch it! Got it!”

Exhibition 27th April to 28th May 2017


We have the pleasure of presenting the new work by Jessica Rimondi.

Whenever we are trying to recover a recollection, to call up some period of our history, we become conscious of an act sui generis by which we detach ourselves from the present in order to replace ourselves, first, in the past in general, then in a certain region of the past. But our recollection still remains virtual; we simply prepare ourselves to receive it by adopting the appropriate attitude. Little by little it comes into view like a condensing cloud; from the virtual state it passes into the actual; and as its outlines become more distinct and its surface take on colour, it tends to imitate perception. But it remains attached to the past by its deeps roots […] Henri Bergson, Matter and Memory

This body of works investigates the matter, to look back into our experience, to overturn our idea of value and perception. They are landscape and domestic, alchemy and reproduction, nature and human, daily and historical, sort of microcosms questioning the value of little things.
The work plays around the idea of functionality, objects from everyday life, finding a new balance and interrelation. Conceived as a congruence between pop culture and ancestry; and furthermore a metaphor of life, conferred by the ephemerality of the used materials.

The exhibition will introduce a new series of installations and paintings that foreseen the use of salt, sugar, porcelain, common objects and random situations cached and photographed around two cities -Berlin and London-, sounds and processes, revealing different readings of the artwork, that lead us wondering about them gleaning from our personal experiences.

Jessica Rimondi born in Turin 1987, studied at the Accaemia Albertina di Belle Arti of Turin and now lives and works in Berlin.

For more information contact or on 020 7613 6262.

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