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Finding a unique property for artist Lucy Temple


Artist Lucy Temple has been our client for years. We caught up with her to chat about her Shoreditch property…

Back in 2010, Lucy Temple’s mother was looking to buy a unique property as an investment. 

“Property in London is a sure thing,” Lucy told her.

“We were chatting, and I told her I would find something cool for her to buy.” After finishing her course at The Princes’s School of Traditional Arts in East London, Lucy knew East London was “groovy and funky.”

She initially came across the property on Space Station’s website and knew it would be perfect.
“I knew straight away, it’s in an old Victorian building that used to be rope factory. The minute I walked in, I though to myself, this in incredible.”

“Space Station seemed interesting, funky and edgy – unlike other real estate agencies.”

Lucy bought the property and Space Station has been renting it out for her since then.

“They were amazing, we bought it from them and they immediately found tenants. The first couple who lived there were there for years and when they moved out, they found a really cool woman who stayed for 7 years. When she decided to move out, she left on a Friday and on the Monday, Space Station had another tenant moving in.”

Lucy temple
Lucy Temple, unique property

About Lucy

Born and bred in West London, Lucy Temple creates geometric, Islamic-inspired paintings that utilise a range of vibrant colours and intricate patterns.

While her pieces appear almost as ceramic tiles seen from a distance, on close inspection the delicacy of the watercolour on textured paper becomes apparent. The fluid, flowing form of her work contrasts with the sharp, neat edge created through the use of watercolour on paint and demonstrates a meticulous level of detail.

Lucy Temple's art
130m x 130m to be included in Le Ciel Foundation Auction at Christie’s in New York and London

Lucy’s work has been bought by, amongst others, Boy George, Emma Forbers, Davina McCall,Lisa Gorman, Danny Katz, Nicola Jacobs, Ed O’Brien from Radiohead, Bill Nighy, Stella Tennant, Colefax & Fowler.

Lucy sells her work in art fairs, through dealers, exhibitions, her website and social media. Instagram has majorly increased her outreach, she’s been approach on Instagram, to pain physical versions of other artists’ digital works. Although increasingly popular, she doesn’t want to go digital. “I like the touch and feel of the works, computers are useful, but definitely want to stay with the craft of hand painting. There’s a calm in the process of painting. This is the thing that keeps me sane!”

Follow Lucy Temple on Instagram and check-out her website.

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